3D Shoots

3D Shoots

We are hosting the BFAC Club 3D shoot on the third Sunday of the month from March to September.

Please note:

We are part of the Houston Parks and therefore all rules for Houston City parks, regarding COVID19 are in effect! Shoot at your own risk. Social distancing is a must - families should shoot and stay together. https://houstonemergency.org/covid19/

You are welcome to bring a shooters stool or chair and/or a pop up tent for shade if you want to sit and chill between ends. Please bring any non-alcoholic beverages as well as it could be warm.

Target Archery Events

HOT 'n' Cold Series 

Houston Outdoor Target series, in the Cold! Held through the Fall and Winter, this is a 72 arrow round, 36 arrows at FITA distance.

This series is designed to allow archers to practice their outdoor distances in the cooler weather.

Target and Field Archery

Congratulations to our BFAC Fight the Outbreak award winners

Please stay tuned for award ceremony information.

USA Archery Programs

Junior Olympic Archery Development and the Adult Archery Program are USA Archery programs for youth and adults to learn and develop their archery skills and earn achievement awards.

Club shoots can be held at BFAC facility by any registered JOAD and AAP club. 20% of the student fees are payable to Buffalo Field Archery Club to help cover the cost of targets.

For Statewide target archery events and news, check the Texas State Archery Association page.


Most questions on how to shoot and score a field round can be found in this short video:


And you can read the rules and classes here:  https://www.nfaausa.com/wp-content/uploads/2019-2021-Excerpt-By-Law-Art-I-II.pdf